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Rebecca Bird Tew

Rebecca Bird was born in Yardly, near Birmingham, England on October 28, 1838.  She was the daughter of John and Ann Russen Bird.  Her family joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and shortly after began to make plans to immigrate to Utah.

Rebecca's brother Walter immigrated to Utah with his friend Thomas Tew Jr in 1851.  After arriving in Utah, Walter began securing funds to help bring his family to Utah.  Walter obtained permission from Brigham Young to use funds from the Perpetual Emmigraton Fund to bring his parents and siblings to Utah.   

The family left together for America when Elizabeth was 16 years old.  I cannot find any information (yet) about their trip across the ocean.

While in Mormon Grove, preparing for the journey across the plains, Rebecca's father John contracted cholera and died on May 10, 1855.  Ann Bird who was 47 years old, buried her husband in Mormon Grove and traveled to utah with 4 children, Rebecca (16), John (14), Ann (11) and William (9). Walter was the oldest of the children and was waiting in Utah for their arrival.  Rebecca and her family crossed the plains in the Richard Ballentyne Company with 402 pioneers in the company and 45 wagons.  They left Mormon Grove on July 1, 1855.    The following image is taken from list of pioneers that traveled in the Company.

The family arrived in Salt Lake City on September 25, 1955.  Once arriving in Utah, Rebecca and her family settled in Springville Utah.  She married Thomas Tew Jr. on January 22, 1856.  Thomas Tew Jr. was her brother Walter's traveling companion to Utah and life long friend.  They had nine children, 2 sons and 7 daughters.

Rebecca Bird Tew died March 10, 1922 at the age of 83 years and 5 months in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Her death certificate lists 862 E. 6th South as her residence in Springville.

She is buried in the Evergreen Cemetery in Springville, next to her husband Thomas Tew Jr.  The headstone is located at N 40° 08.412 W 111° 36.172 and is marked on the map with a green arrow.  Rebecca Bird Tew is my 2nd Great Grandmother on the Mendenhall side of the family.

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  1. I placed a headstone next to your monument and a picture is on family search if you would like to post it.