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George Edward Grove Taylor

George Edward Grove Taylor was born on June 5, 1810 at Harefield, Middlesex, England.

George married Ann Wickes, who was born November 7, 1800, in Tetbury, Gloucester, England. She was of medium height and very pretty. She was thirty years and George was twenty years old when they were married in February 1830.  Ann and George Taylor's first child was a son, whom they named Joseph Edward. He was born 11 December 1830, at Horsham, Sussex, England.
George was a tailor by trade. They moved to Spilsby, Lincolnshire, England. It was ten years before they had other children. Margaret Ann was born 20 June 1841; Martha was born 5 August 1843; and their last daughter, Maria, was born 17 January 1845. The girls were born in Spilsby. The family later moved near London, England. It was here that they met the Mormon missionaries. They were converted, the parents being baptized 27 July 1848.

In 1851, George married Jane Baxter as a second wife. This was against the wishes of Ann, his first wife. Jane was born 14 November 1818, at Harefield, Middlesex, England. Ann and George separated, which made a very unhappy situation for the children. The 1861 England Census shows George with his second wife Jane.

England 1861 Census

George and his wife, Jane, and family left London, England, 23 May 1866. There were 350 saints in the group, under the Company Leader, John Nicholson. The ship was "American Congress". They landed in New York 4 July 1866. They had been on the ship for seven weeks. As the city of New York was celebrating the 4th of July, they had to remain on board until the next day. But they enjoyed the fire works that night as the ship lay in the harbor.  A complete record of the voyage on the American Congress can be found at  the BYU Library.  He is listed under the name George E. Grove.

After many ups and downs, many trials and privations, they arrived in Great Salt Lake City on 26 September 1866. They had traveled for seventy days.

High Priest Certificate

The obituary of George Edward Grove Taylor: "Deseret News," Salt Lake City, Utah, 7 August 1874 (film #6507 Part 12). reads, "He died 6 August 1874, buried in Salt Lake City Cemetery.
"Departed this life--sometime yesterday, Elder George E. Grove Taylor, of the 13th Ward, died at his residence. Deceased emigrated from London, England, in 1866, crossing the Atlantic in the Company of Saints which left that City, May the 23rd of that year, in the ship 'American Congress.' He was somewhat widely known, having been President of the Paddington, London, branch of the Church for some time previous and up to his leaving for this country."

George Edward Grove Taylor is my 3rd Great Grandfather on the Goodman side of the family.

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