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Margaret Ann Taylor Goodman

Margaret Ann Taylor was born on June 20, 1841 in Spilsby, Lincolnshire, England.

Certified Copy of Birth Entry

When Margaret Ann Taylor was 7 years of age, two missionaries from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints came to their city and held meetings which the Taylor family attended. They believed the doctrines that they were taught and were converted. Her father and mother were baptized July 1848, and her brother Joseph in August. Margaret Ann was baptized the following year when she became 8 years of age.

The 1851 England Census shows Margaret 7 years old living with sisters and her mother who was a School Mistress.

Margaret Ann and her father left London, England on May 23rd, 1866. There were 350 saints in the group, under the Company Leader, John Nicholson. The ship was the "American Congress". They landed in New York July 4th, 1866. They had been on the ship for seven weeks. As the city of New York was celebrating the 4th of July, they had to remain on board until the next day. But they enjoyed the fire works that night as the ship lay in the harbor.

Margaret married William Nicholas Goodman on Feb. 27, 1864 whom she had known in England. He was a carpenter by trade and assisted in the work on the Logan and Salt Lake temples.  They had eleven children.

Margaret and William first settled in Minersville, Utah.  The United States Census from 1880 shows Margaret and William and six children.  William is listed as a carpenter and Margaret as 'Keeping Home.'

1880 Census

William had poor health and they thought that a warmer climage may help.  In 1881 they sold their home in Minersville and the family moved to Arizona.  After a short stay in Mesa, they settled in St. David.

William Nicholas Goodman and Margaret Ann Taylor Home in St. David, Arizona        

Shortly after their daughter Theresa was born (23 Jan 1885) William had a stroke but could write a little and told them what to name her. After another stroke he died on March 8, 1885 and was buried in St. David. Margaret sold their only cow to pay for funeral expenses.

When her husband died, she did not worry about finances...the secret of her success was in personal and family prayer. Margaret felt that this had held her family together and that she was greatly blessed of the Lord! She bought a few bars of soap and small articles and sold them in one of her rooms. From then on she would add a little more and finally bought a store from a Mr. Beebe. She continued in the merchantile business for 30 years. She was also the Postmaster in St. David and held this position for 20 years. She would also board and room school teachers. She would go to Fairbanks, Tombstone and Benson for store supplies using horses, wagons or buggy's.

Margaret Ann Taylor Goodman opened the mercantile store in St. David Arizona after the death of her husband.  In the photo below, Margaret is in the light dress.  Lorenzo Wright took over the store in 1919. He bought the store from her for $10.00 in 1922.        

This photo in 1898 is of 57 year old Margaret Ann Taylor and her posperity.  Her husband William was deceased.

Margaret in the 1920 Census at 78 years of age with a John W. Wright age 29 living at the same address.

In 1920 Margaret fell and broke her hip. She was in bed about 4 months. She ended up spending the last 6 years in a wheel chair.  Margaret died March 29, 1926 at 2:00pm after one week's illness of pneumonia at her home where she had lived for 43 years. This was at the age of 84 years, 9mos, 9days. She had been a widow for 31 years. Her posterity at the time of her death numbered 139. Eight living children, 68 grandchildren and 48 great-grandchildren. All of her children were at her bedside where she gave them encouragement and advice and urged them to live the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Margaret Ann Taylor Goodman is my 2nd Great Grandmother from the Goodman side of the family. She is buried next to her husband William Nicholas Goodman in the St. David Cemetery.  The coordinates of the cemetery are
N 31° 51.971 W 110° 12.352

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  1. hello my name is Leo Prestin Goodman and I'm 16 years old and i have Williams and margarets story of both their life's but i didn't know William died on the day before my birthday

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  4. Thank you for sharing! My husband children are descendants of William and Margaret Goodman and it is great to find this.