Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Lyman Curtis

Lyman Curtis was born January 21, 1812 in New Salem, Massachusetts.  In December 1832 the Prophet Joseph Smith and Jared Carter came to the Curtis home and preached the gospel to the Curtis family.  Every member of the family joined the church.  Lyman was baptized March 14, 1833 at Milford, Michigan.

Lyman was a major supporter of the prophet Joseph Smith in the early days of the church.  He participated in Zion's Camp and married his wife Charlotte Iris Alvord while on the camp.  He spent two years helping to build the Nauvoo temple.  Lyman and his brother George stood guard over the bodies of Joseph and Hyrum Smith after they were martyred. 

Lyman was a member of the first company under Brigham Young as they crossed the plains.  He was one of the nine scouts in the advance party who rode into the Salt Lake Valley on July 22, 1847. 

Salem Utah
Eventually Lyman settled in Pond Town, Utah. He designed and built roads and canals. He was a successful lumberman and farmer. To honor Lyman, Pond Town was renamed to Salem, the name of the city where Lyman was born.

1850 Federal Census (Salt Lake City, Utah)

1880 Federal Census (Salem, Utah)


A surprise birthday party was held for Lyman and was documented in the Deseret News on February 9, 1881.

The Salt Lake Tribune announced the death of Lyman Curtis on August 11, 1898

Lyman Curtis is included in an  LDS Church news article that features biographies of the original 1847 pioneer company.

Lyman Curtis died on August 5, 1898 and is buried in the Salem City Cemetery. The coordinates to his headstone are N 40° 02.337 W 111° 40.208. The green arrow in the map shows the location of his grave.  Lyman Curtis is my 3rd Great Grandfather from the Goodman side of the family.   

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  1. I am the Great Great Grandson of Lyman Curtis. Thank you for setting up this blog ( - Curtis Magleby

  2. I am also the great-great grand daughter of Lyman Curtis. He was married to Sarah Wells Hartley who traveled with the Martin Handcart Company to the Salt Lake Valley along with her mother, Eliza Gill Hartley and her two sisters and two brothers. They were fortunate enough to all survive that trek. This is a beautiful blog. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I'm also the great, grate grandson of Lyman Curtis. His son Samuel is my great Grandfather and my Grandfather Cleveland Curtis was brought to the San Jose area (Safford) in Arizona as a small child. Samuel, like is father developed irrigation infrastructure and farmed several areas in the Gila Valley. My father was Gary Curtis, Cleve's youngest son and I'm known as Dale Curtis. Most of Cleve's grandchildren still live in the Gila Valley.